Fall 2016: Islay Travel & More

Fall 2016: Islay Travel & More

Pack your bags and head to Islay and Jura! Our ultimate guide will help you soak in all that these two Scottish islands have to offer—especially their peated whiskies.

But there's no need to go so far away: Creative and delicious whiskey is blossoming right in our backyard. Discover the whiskey hotspots popping up all over the United States, from Seattle to upstate New York.

Go behind the scenes at Vendome, the family-owned company that's been making American whiskey stills for over 100 years. And don't miss our recommendations for the best barrel-aged foods—proof that whisky makes everything better.

Fall 2016 Buying Guide


Explore 137 reviews, including Booker's Rye, Tullamore D.E.W. single malts, and Feìs Ìle bottlings.