Fall 2019: Entertaining With Whisky

Fall 2019: Entertaining With Whisky

It's the time of year for parties and celebrations—and if you're planning any type of gathering, you'll want to be sure that whisky has its rightful place. The Fall 2019 issue explores the art of entertaining with whisky, with hosting and hospitality tips from the pros, party and menu ideas, and, of course, plenty of recommended bottles.

Beyond the bar, we take a deep dive into Scotland's whisky regions, considering whether names like Islay, Speyside, and Lowlands truly indicate a whisky's flavor profile—or if it's time to re-examine them as useful labels. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, innovative distillers are turning to wild strains of yeast to create unique flavors in their whiskeys, while worldwide, distilleries are making the most of extreme situations.

Also in this issue, there's a whisky lover's guide to Charleston, recipes for spiced cocktails, recommendations for top mixers, and a look at new cognacs taking their cues from whisky. Plus, don't miss over 150 whisky reviews in the Buying Guide, including scotch, bourbon, Irish, Japanese, and much more.

Fall 2019 Buying Guide


Explore over 150 whisky reviews, including Macallan Estate, Woodford Reserve Batch Proof, Springbank 25 year old, and Four Roses Small Batch Select.