Glenfiddich 1977 Vintage (Cask #4414), 54.1%

Price: $750 Issue: Spring 2009 Reviewer: John Hansell

Very elegant and refined. Obviously this whisky was aged in a pristine sherry cask. The flavors are quite clean and well-defined. Gently sweet and fruity, with golden raisin, candy apple, and red raspberry jam. There's delicate pineapple, dried cherry, coconut, and vanilla too, with a polished oak finish. A very classy Glenfiddich. Not as bold and spicy as last year's 1976 vintage (which I had a hand in selecting but, ironically, don't like as much). This new vintage approaches the caliber of the 1973 Vintage release from two years ago which I still think is the best one in recent years.