High West 12 year old Straight Rye, 46%

Price: $50/375ml. ● Issue: Winter 2010 ● Reviewer: John Hansell

A bottling from only five barrels of 95% rye whiskey produced at the former Seagram's distillery in Indiana. It's the American whiskey equivalent of drinking Ardbeg Supernova. Powerful and invigorating are words that come to mind. Crisp mint, warming cinnamon, dried citrus, cocoa, roasted nuts, and subtle botanicals are soothed by caramel, molasses, and honeyed orchard fruit. Brisk, bracing, spicy finish. The notes are clean, and the whiskey's not just a one-trick “rye” pony. The sweetness balances the rye spice quite nicely. If you just can't get enough rye in your whiskey, then this one's for you. (Available only at the High West Distillery in Park City, Utah.)