Jacob's Pardon 15 year old Single Barrel American Whiskey (No. 37), 69.75%

Price: $200 Issue: Winter 2020 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Distilled above 80% ABV from 99% corn and aged in used barrels, this qualifies as light whiskey. Expressive nose of butterscotch, brown sugar, vanilla, coconut cream, candied pecan, and maple syrup on hot pancakes. Gripped by its proof from the first sip, you may find your mouth puckering from tannins and tingling with heat, but the sweet flavors of dark caramel, maple syrup, and candied nuts offer softening balance. Generous watering is highly recommended; you won't miss a single flavor, but your tongue will recover more quickly from the high-octane ABV. (106 bottles)