Jameson Pure Pot Still Limited Reserve, 15 year old, 43%

Price: $100.00 Issue: Spring 2000 Reviewer: John Hansell

Antique gold. It's the only 'pure pot still' whiskey produced at the Midleton distillery that's available in the U.S., and its impact on the whiskey is enormous. Its flavors continue to evolve and are perfectly balanced with notes of lush fruit, toffee, fudge, almonds, and vanilla. It finishes long, with mature oak notes that linger. More seductive and not as bold as Jameson Gold. This is the definitive Irish whiskey-it's as simple as that! It will satisfy both Scotch and Irish whiskey drinkers. Don't come whining to me several months from now because you didn't get a bottle! Buy it now while you still can.