Longmorn 16 year old, 48%

Price: $90.00 Issue: Winter 2007 Reviewer: John Hansell

Longmorn is now being bottled one year older. Whisky companies seem to be discontinuing odd-year whiskies. Bowmore recently extended their 17 year old to 18. Ironically, in both instances, the older whiskies serve up more sherry and fruit. Both the Longmorn 15 and Bowmore 17 were considered benchmark whiskies, so these changes weren’t without risk. Still, in both instances, the new expressions won’t disappoint. This new Longmorn shows a mouth-coating maltiness -- Longmorn’s signature characteristic. Along with this, there’s ripe barley, honeyed fruit (peach, with subtle sultana and pineapple), gently complex nuts (almonds, brazil nuts), and a hint of chocolate-covered coconut. A lush, fruity-sweet dram that lingers long on the palate. True Longmorn devotees will still want to purchase a bottle of the 15 year old while they can.