Lost Spirits Abomination The Sayers of the Law, 54%

Price: $50 Issue: Spring 2018 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Aromas of smoked meat, kelp, saline, rubber, and butterscotch pudding make for a sweet and savory first impression. Flavors of burnt sugar, vanilla custard, cooked apple, dark cacao, black pepper, and salty umami carry through on a big, aggressive, hunger-sparking palate. The finish is unsweetened chocolate, ash, and pepper—bold and unapologetic, it responds well to water.

This whisky has been matured using alternative aging technology.

Actual Time in Barrel: 18 months;

Processing: Multiple peated malt distillates are aged in Scotland, then blended, exported, and put through Lost Spirits' reactor with pieces of charred oak treated with Riesling wine.