Lux Row Distillers 12 year old Double Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 59.2%

Price: $150 Issue: Winter 2019 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Deeply inviting on the nose and satisfying on the palate. Aromas of iced tea, orange Tang, peanuts, dark fruit, weathered oak, leather, and spices comingle with the freshness of an alpine retreat. Flavors and texture fill the mouth: chewy oak, semi-sweet chocolate, cinnamon plums, walnuts, cherry cough syrup, orange oil, and cloves. Cooked dark fruit, semi-sweet chocolate, and copious mature oak on the finish, which is velvety and expansive. Needless to say, at this proof, it benefits from generous amounts of water. (6,000 bottles)