Mackillop's Choice 14 year old 1989 vintage (distilled at Macallan), 58.2%

Price: $75 Issue: Summer 2005 Reviewer: John Hansell

This expression is atypical for a Macallan whisky-the standard Macallan line is aged in sherry casks, while this one is aged in a bourbon cask. Absent the sherry, this isn't as sweet or rich. Rather, it's more delicate and gentle. The whisky is very clean and creamy, with lovely floral notes (lavender, heather, rose), intertwined with spices (especially vanilla), and fruit (baked apple, pineapple, coconut). Delicate, pleasing finish. One of the better non-sherried whiskies distilled at Macallan. (Bottled exclusively for retailer Wine on the 9.)