Midleton 175th Anniversary Bottling 26 year old, 40%

Price: $600 Issue: Winter 2001 Reviewer: John Hansell

Deep amber color with shade of ruby. Sweet aromas of ripe fruit, oak, caramelized sugar, rum, and creamy vanilla. Full in body for an Irish whiskey, with a silky, creamy texture. Voluptuous flavors of burnt sugar, rum, honeyed fruit, creamy vanilla, and spice cake.Here's a whiskey the blends the old with the new. The whiskey was distilled at the old Midleton distillery, which has been dismantled. After spending most of its life in sherry and bourbon casks, it was then finished off in port pipes. It maintains its Irish-ness, its pot still character is both satisfying and reassuring, and the port pipe aging introduces flavors that make the whiskey very intriguing. An outstanding product! Around 400 bottles for the United States.