Miyagikyo 15 year old, 45%

Price: $119 Issue: Fall 2010 Reviewer: Dave Broom

This single malt bottling shows Miyagikyo's emollient style at its best. This is all about super-soft orchard fruits; think apricot and sweet persimmon, though there's also a touch of sweet sawdust and even a whiff of pine sap and milk chocolate. It demonstrates the classic Japanese trick of being both clear and precise in its aromas, as well as being heightened in intensity. The palate is a little slow to start with, offering a mix of spruce and pine, then those soft fruits carry you onward.

In some ways the gentle charms of Miyagikyo are overshadowed by the rambunctious nature of From The Barrel and Yoichi, but soft is a worthy element in Japanese — nay, all — whisky. £76.95. Price in US dollars converted at time of review.