Peerless 36 year old 1966 vintage (distilled at Bowmore), 45.3%

Price: $160 Issue: Summer 2003 Reviewer: John Hansell

Full gold color. Layers of citrus fruit on the nose (especially Seville orange, lemon, grapefruit), with just a faint hint of peat smoke and floral, herbal notes. Light to medium in body. It tastes similar in many ways to its aroma-there's plenty of citrus fruit. The fruit comes first, followed by the classic "older Bowmore" oaky dryness. An echo of flavors repeats this sequence-first the citrus fruit, then the dry oak flavors. Some peat smoke teases in the background, but is mostly restrained. Fry, oaky, faintly peaty finish. This whisky is classic older Bowmore (30+ years), with its exotic citrus fruit, distinctive oaky dryness, and faintest hint of peat smoke.