Penderyn 15 year old Bourbon Cask-Matured Single Cask (Cask No. B105/2005), 59%

Price: $170 Issue: Spring 2021 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Enchanting and bursting with character: On the nose, vanilla cupcakes zested with lemon, sweet strawberries on angel food cake, blueberry-cinnamon syrup, toasted oats, and woodsy spices of cedar, sandalwood, and nutmeg. The full-bodied palate is alive with tropical and citrus fruits—kiwi, papaya, mango, pomelo, grapefruit, satsuma—but braced by a malty backbone, nutty and spiced. After all that excitement, the finish is practically sedate, calmly wrapping up with clean malt and a whiff of fruit. Water is a must to fully unlock the flavors. (114 bottles)