Port Askaig 18 year old 2000 Single Cask (Cask No. 309927), 50.8%

Price: $265 Issue: Summer 2020 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Aromatic on the nose, with vivid fruitiness mingling with briny, rubbery peat: grilled apples and pears, lemon zest, and peach slices. On the palate, it presents as simple, but wait a beat to let the whisky settle—and add a bit of water—and that simplicity reads more as softness in texture. The flavors are expressive and consistent with the nose: lemon and lime zest, peach, apricot, and salty-peppery peat. It finishes with bittersweet smoke, tobacco leaf, black pepper, and lingering oak. (250 bottles; U.S. exclusive)