Scott's Selection (Distilled at 'North of Scotland'), 1964 Vintage, 45.5%

Price: $140 Issue: Winter 2006 Reviewer: John Hansell

According to the Christie family who owned North of Scotland Distillery before it was sold to DCL in 1982 (and closed it shortly thereafter,) they would purchase the least expensive grain possible to make their grain whisky. In 1964, it was barley. The barley, combined with the fact that the whisky is finished off in port casks, makes for a surprisingly rich, sweet, and fruity grain whisky, expressing notes of demerara sugar, perfumed candles, cherry almond tart, caramel and vanilla. Remarkably restrained wood notes for such a mature whisky, which expresses itself mostly in its soft, creamy finish. Unique among whiskies.