Seven Stills Fireweed, 59.5%

Price: $75 Issue: Spring 2019 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Distilled from an “aggressively hopped” IPA, aged in new charred oak, and finished in Islay scotch casks. Cured and grilled meat on the nose—I'm reminded of Lexington, NC-style barbecue—along with chicory coffee and apple blossom. Hoppy and piney flavors reveal the beer wash and are joined by orange, lemon Pine-Sol, pecans, chocolate, oak, black pepper, and restrained smoke. The finish brings it all in: smoked oak, zingy lemon, bittersweet chocolate, and hops. This whiskey will have its fans and detractors; in context, it offers unique and enjoyable flavors. 396 bottles