Signatory 'Glencraig' (distilled at Glenburgie), 30 year old, 1975 vintage, Cask # 7938, 54.4%

Price: $200.00 Issue: Summer 2007 Reviewer: John Hansell

This Glencraig, along with Mosstowie (reviewed below), were experimentations with "Lomond" stills, where the top of the stills were replaced with a rectifying column, allowing several different styles of whiskies to be produced at the same distillery. The Lomond stills were eventually removed. This is a very creamy malt, with an oily texture. Notes of bananas and cream, ripe barley, caramel, graham cracker, and orange creamsicle. Dry, spicy finish. The fruity zing in this whisky shows that it still has some life in it. A dessert whisky indeed.