Special Issue 2020: Whisky With Friends

Special Issue 2020: Whisky With Friends

Whisky is great, but what makes it better? The company of friends. This Special Issue, available on newsstands and delivered as a bonus to Whisky Advocate subscribers, dives deep into the phenomenon of whisky clubs. These groups can be as small and informal as a handful of buddies getting together for a weekend dramming session or as large and structured as international tasting groups with hundreds of members across the globe.

You'll meet many clubs whose makeup reflects the wonderful diversity of whisky lovers, but whose interests all center on the same thing: enjoying great whisky. Draw inspiration from their experiences, and find tips and resources for starting your own whisky club. You can set up with just a few bottles and glasses, but you'll likely want to go even further and devise themed flights, experiment with blind tasting, and plan group outings.

Packed full of practical information, this issue is a must-read for anyone in a whisky club—or thinking of starting one. Pick up a copy, and share with your friends!

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