Spring 2019: All About Rye

Spring 2019: All About Rye

Bourbon tends to get the spotlight when it comes to American whiskey, but our country’s first native spirit was actually rye—and the Spring 2019 issue goes all-in on the spicy, delicious grain. Learn how rye—once practically a dead-and-forgotten whiskey—is now undergoing a renaissance, led by craft innovators and big distillers alike.

Canada, too, has a long history of rye distilling, and our feature on the country’s best examples will help you understand why they’re so tasty—and clue you in on the bottles to buy. And North America isn’t the only continent making rye whisky: discover the European, Asian, and Australian distillers who are innovating with the grain.

Also in this issue, we explore why cask-strength scotch offers an ideal drinking experience, the best rye-based cocktails, the allure of rum cask finishes, and spirits made from rye that aren’t actually whisky. Plus, there are over 150 reviews in the Buying Guide, including scotch, bourbon, Irish, and—of course—rye.

Spring 2019 Buying Guide


Explore over 150 whisky reviews, including Game of Thrones single malts, Old Overholt Bottled in Bond, Booker’s 30th Anniversary, and Midleton Very Rare.