Springbank 14 year old Oloroso Cask (#268), 56.2%

Price: $100.00 Issue: Fall 2011 Reviewer: John Hansell

A round of single cask Springers matured completely (not finished) in various wine casks for the U.S. market. All four are solid efforts — it's really a matter of personal preference. A general comment: most of the single cask releases are matured in some sort of wine or rum cask. While this is nice, I would love to see several single cask, cask strength, and fully-matured ex-bourbon barrel bottlings offered for a change.

What you might expect a traditional 100% oloroso sherry cask-aged Springbank to taste like, with probably the most familiar flavor profile of the four: rich, with nuts and dried fruit, chocolate-coated brittle toffee, plenty of spice (cinnamon, ginger), polished oak, hint of tobacco and smoke.