Summer 2016: Enjoying Whisky & More

Summer 2016: Enjoying Whisky & More

Summer and whisky have never gone so well together! Jeffery Lindenmuth serves up 10 daring, yet refreshing whisky cocktails in his feature "Make It A Summer of Whisky." How does a Strawberry-Mint Poptail or a Whiskey-Gria sound?

Meanwhile, Fred Minnick breaks down the history of bonded whiskeys and recommends a few to try. Have a look and visit your favorite liquor store where you'll likely find a great bang for your buck bottle on the shelf.

Five Scotch whisky distilleries are celebrating anniversaries this year: Deanston, Tamnavulin, Craigellachie, Strathmill, and Lagavulin. Jonny McCormick gives perspective on their history and the impact they've had on the Scotch whisky industry as we know it today.

He also breaks down the still—that mass of shiny copper, a work of art, a mechanical intrigue, and a key component to the whisky you enjoy. Sure, the barrels used for aging impart flavors that are key to the profile of a dram, but it's in the still where it all starts.

Summer 2016 Buying Guide


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