Summer 2017: Bourbon Boom and More

Summer 2017: Bourbon Boom and More

It's all about bourbon in the Summer 2017 issue of Whisky Advocate. Explore the storied roots and exciting present of America's native whiskey—now made in nearly every state—and find out why its future is so bright. Plus, get to know the legends of the bourbon world—people like Parker Beam, Booker Noe, and Elmer T. Lee—and discover the best whiskies that showcase their legacies. And try out seasonal cocktails, as well as food recipes designed to pair perfectly with bourbon.

Planning a summer road trip, or heading to another city for work? We'll help you find the best local whisky bar, including recommendations for places that have live music, great food options, amazing cocktails, and even cigars. And even if you're just passing through, check out our top picks for airport whisky bars.

Plus, learn to pair whisky with steak (or incorporate it into your burger), explore the nuances of peat, and delve into the science of barrel entry proof and maturation.

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Explore over 80 reviews, including a special anniversary edition of Four Roses, Ardbeg Kelpie, and Wild Turkey Master's Keep Decades.