Summer 2018: Travel & Adventure

Summer 2018: Travel & Adventure

Summer is the time for exploration and excitement—and there’s no better companion for your adventures than Whisky Advocate. Our Summer 2018 issue takes you to whisky tourism destinations around the world where you can ski, surf, kiteboard, and more, all near top-notch distilleries. If you’re planning to visit America’s national parks, you won’t have to forego the whisky; from Yosemite to Yellowstone, Glaciers to Grand Teton, bourbon, scotch, and local craft whiskey are yours for the drinking—and at a fair price to boot.

Hop over the border to Canada, where distilleries large and small are crafting delicious whiskies that never make it out of the country. Our guide will help you choose which bottles to bring back. Or venture further afield to Speyside, Scotland’s most densely-packed whisky region, home to dozens of single malt distilleries.

Don’t miss our guide to the best blended Irish whiskeys, or our inside look at bargain bourbons that punch far above their weight. Plus, our Summer Buying Guide features over 120 reviews of scotch, bourbon, and more.

Summer 2018 Buying Guide


Explore 120 whisky reviews, including Macallan Edition No. 3, Booker’s Kathleen’s Batch, Ardbeg Grooves, Kentucky Owl Rye, and Jameson 18 year old.