Summer 2019: Great Whisky Cities

Summer 2019: Great Whisky Cities

Whisky can be the gateway to new frontiers, and our Summer 2019 issue will transport you to the world’s greatest whisky cities. Start in Edinburgh, the gateway to scotch, where storied history meets contemporary innovation. Hop over to Dublin, a city whose whiskey story has been continually rewritten. Louisville, the heart of bourbon country, is home to the most exciting urban distilleries in the world. And Osaka, the birthplace of Japanese whisky, offers discovery at every turn.

We’ll introduce you to other great whisky destinations, including distilleries with on-site accommodations. Refresh your summer drinking repertoire with blended scotches, so easy-sipping you’ll hardly notice the heat—though if you do, there are also recipes for frozen whisky cocktails. And learn how warm-climate regions are responsible for some of the world’s most delicious single malts.

Plus, get tips for pairing whisky and ice cream, find out how to distill your own whiskey, and check out the Buying Guide, chock-full of over 125 reviews of scotch, bourbon, and more.

Summer 2019 Buying Guide


Explore over 125 whisky reviews, including Ardbeg Drum, Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond, Dewar’s Double Double, and Angel’s Envy Oloroso Sherry Cask.