The Pearls of Scotland (distilled at North of Scotland) 1971, 43.3%

Price: $262 Issue: Winter 2014 Reviewer: Jonny McCormick

The North of Scotland distillery (formerly Strathmore distillery) was a neighbor of Cambus and operated from 1957-1980 in Clackmannanshire. Bottlings are few and far between. This one is quite forward. Apple peelings, baked apricot, cinnamon, nutmeg, sherry notes with oak wood, beef stock, and adhesives. It tastes sweet, vibrant, and juicy with red berry fruits, rosewater, strawberry cream soda, cherryade, and cough linctus. A slightly bitter finish punctures the juiciness. (310 bottles for UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan)£165