Virginia Distillery Co. Cider Cask Finished (Batch #3), 46%

Price: $65 Issue: Winter 2018 Reviewer: Susannah Skiver Barton

Autumn in a glass: dried apples, earthy leaves, marzipan, grilled pears, and white pepper mingle with lemon-herb tea, saline, and a whiff of incense. Malty, with a pleasant oiliness, the palate showcases lemon peel, juicy clementine, poached pears, grilled apples, chamomile, salt water taffy, and a delicate, perfumed savoriness—almonds in rice pilaf. Complex and balanced, with a lengthy oak finish. Virginia Distillery Co. combines its own single malt with blended malt from the Highlands of Scotland. Batch 2 of Cider Cask Finished scored 90 points, indicating strong consistency. Number 13 in the 2018 Top 20