Wild Turkey Maps Plans for A New Distillery

Wild Turkey Maps Plans for A New Distillery

April 7, 2023 –––––– David Fleming, , , ,

Wild Turkey and Russell's Reserve owner Campari Group has unveiled plans to build an additional distillery on the Wild Turkey Distillery campus in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The new distillery will be capable of producing 5 million proof gallons annually. The project will also include an upgrade to the current barrel-filling operation and waste treatment processing facilities. Construction is expected to begin by October, with the goal of completion by the end of July 2025.

Once this $161 million facility is operational, the total annual capacity of the two distilleries will be 14 million proof gallons, giving Wild Turkey and Russell's Reserve fans plenty more whiskey going forward.

Wild Turkey’s expansion story in recent years has been dramatic. Campari Group acquired the operation from Pernod Ricard for $575 million in 2009 , and in 2011 Campari invested $50 million to expand the distillery, more than doubling Wild Turkey's output. At the time, that was one of bourbon country’s largest capital expenditures in years.

Since then the expansions have continued. In 2014 the distillery opened its new modern visitor center, crowning an initial $100 million in investments by Campari since the purchase. This latest move takes things up yet another notch.

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