William Heavenhill 225th Anniversary Edition, 63.8%

Price: $500.00 Issue: Spring 2009 Reviewer: John Hansell

Aged for 225 months (18 years, 9 months). Only 225 bottles available, and only at one location: Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown, KY. This is a lot of money for a bourbon, but if you do buy a bottle, you’re going to enjoy it. It’s spicy (especially on the nose), with cinnamon bark, spearmint, and nutmeg. The spice is balanced by an array of sweeter fruit notes (bramble, ripe orchard fruits), vanilla custard, fig, molasses, cola, and charcoal. Soft on the finish. Very polished and well-balanced. It’s much more mellow when compared to Heaven Hill’s other recent ultra-premium release, Parker’s Heritage Collection 27 year old.