Winter 2019: Top 20 & More

Winter 2019: Top 20 & More

Each year, Whisky Advocate’s reviewers taste hundreds of whiskies—and it all culminates in the annual Top 20, our list of the most exciting whiskies of the year. Check out the winners for 2019, which range from bourbon and scotch to Japanese, Irish, Tennessee whiskey, and beyond—all tasted blind, selected for their combination of outstanding quality, fair price, wide availability, and x-factor.

Although no 50 year old whiskies made the list (they’re too rare and expensive), our feature on half-century bottles dives deep into how these special drams reach ripe old age. And we explore the growing movements in states like New York, Texas, and Missouri to define distinct whiskey styles, representative of their homes.

Also in this issue, find the ten best whiskey distillery cocktail bars in the country, along with a look at the craft distillers blending their own whiskey with sourced liquid, plus spiced citrus whisky cocktails, whisky and cookie pairings, and the Winter 2019 Buying Guide, featuring over reviews of the newest scotch, bourbon, and more.

Winter 2019 Buying Guide


Explore over 145 whisky reviews, including the 2019 Diageo Special Releases, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Glenfiddich Grand Cru, and Knob Creek Quarter Oak.