Woodford Reserve Master's Collection “Aged Cask” 46.2%

Price: $100.00 Issue: Spring 2012 Reviewer: John Hansell

A set of two 100% rye whiskeys, triple distilled in copper pot stills, with the difference between them being the type of barrels in which they were aged. One was matured in a new charred cask, while the other one was aged in a used cask. They are packaged in half-bottle sizes (375 ml) and sold as a set for $100.

Very pale in color, showing the limited oak influence. The used cask allows the rye to shine. An uncluttered whiskey, with fresh mint, soft cinnamon, creamy vanilla, hay, cut grass, and honeyed orchard fruit (green apple, pear, peach). Grassy finish. The more elegant of the two.