Jefferson's Ocean & Rye

July 15, 2021 –––––– Sponsored Content

This sommelier-led virtual tasting features two unique American whiskeys from Jefferson’s Bourbon that showcase how this brand uses experimental aging techniques and sophisticated barrel-finishing tactics. With special guest, Trey Zoeller, master blender.

Jefferson's Ocean Bourbon

The culmination of Jefferson’s master blender Trey Zoeller’s wild idea to age his bourbon at sea. The constant moving of the ocean and extreme temperature fluctuations impart flavors and the appearance of a well-aged bourbon. Zoeller notes the salty popcorn, caramel, and tropical fruit notes keep you returning for another sip.

Jefferson’s Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in Cognac Casks

The brand’s first rye whiskey release in 13 years, Zoeller finishes it for nine months in cognac casks. The result elevates the rye from what he sees as a cocktail ingredient to a sipping spirit, with spicy cinnamon notes up front, hints of citrus and honey, and a full-bodied, lingering finish. PURCHASE THESE WHISKEYS

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