Spring 2021: Whisky's Hidden Gems

Spring 2021: Whisky's Hidden Gems

Expand your horizons beyond the familiar favorites in this issue dedicated to the whisky world's hidden treasures. Start in Scotland with ten of Whisky Advocate's favorite undersung single malts, from distilleries that are sometimes so far off the beaten path you'll need an atlas to find them. Then travel to the Nordic countries, where inventive distillers have been quietly making an array of unique whiskies that are just beginning to make their mark.

Further afield, explore the fascinating allure of mizunara oak, whose barrels are so prized some distillers wait years to get their hands on one. And check out our picks for the best unconventional whiskies you probably aren't drinking—though you should be.

Also in this issue, we chat with "Justified" star turned distiller Walton Goggins, forage for wild cocktail ingredients, and pair whisky with sushi (yes, you should try it). Plus, there are over 90 new reviews in the Whisky Advocate Buying Guide, and much more.

Spring 2021 Buying Guide


Explore over 100 whisky reviews, including Russell's Reserve 2003, Bruichladdich Black Art, Jack Daniel's Barrel-Proof Rye, and Blue Spot.