Summer 2021: Irish Whiskey Blossoms

Summer 2021: Irish Whiskey Blossoms

Explore the latest creations from Ireland’s top distillers as Whisky Advocate covers the new directions in the Irish whiskey space. We start with Irish single pot still whiskey, the signature Irish style that nearly disappeared during Ireland’s downturn years of the 1970s but is now front and center—with a host of new releases and many more on the way. We also look at the latest in Ireland’s innovative cask finishes, as well as peated whiskeys and the top ultra-aged Irish expressions.

The issue also includes our report on the previously opaque world of Japanese whisky, where a new set of guidelines has been established on sourcing whiskies from overseas. Which famous labels are 100% Japanese, and which are “world” whiskies that include liquid from other countries? The answers may surprise you.

Also in this issue, we have some fun with our Heavy Metal Whiskey story—a look at rock bands that are now making their own whiskeys. These rockers aren’t mere celebrity endorsers—they’re far more serious about making whiskey than you might imagine.

Plus, there are over 100 new reviews in the Whisky Advocate Buying Guide, and much more.

Summer 2021 Buying Guide


Explore over 100 whisky reviews, including Ardbeg 25 year old, Alberta Premium Cask Strength, Midleton Very Rare 2021, and Dewar's Japanese Smooth.