WhiskyFest New York

Nov 3, 2022 | Marriott Marquis


7:00 PM - The Original Tennessee Whiskey Is Back!

Where: Music Box/Majestic – 6th Floor

Charlie Nelson | Co-Founder | Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery | BIO

Come experience the tale of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, home of the Original Tennessee Whiskey. From its heyday before Prohibition all the way up to the modern day, this seminar charts the ups and downs of the company and its founder, Charles Nelson, all told by Charles’ great-great-great grandson and current co-founder, Charlie Nelson.

7:00 PM - From The Peak Of Mt. Fuji To Your Glass – Taste The Gifts

Where: Astor Ballroom – 7th Floor

Jota Tanaka | Master Blender | Mt. FUJI Distillery | BIO

Join Master Blender, Jota Tanaka, Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame Inductee 2022, and Icon of Whisky Award Winner 2017, for a tasting of the precious gifts from Mt. Fuji Distillery, the closest in all of Japan to the sacred mountain. The distillery exclusively uses Mt. Fuji snowmelt water in all phases of production, crystal clear and uniquely soft, it takes a 50-year journey from the peak of the mountain to the distillery. Across a nearly 50-year history, the distillery has focused meticulously on Japanese craftsmanship with Scottish, American, and Canadian whisky-making technology, crafting pure and mellow expressions, with the FUJI whiskies launched in the US in the fall of 2021. The tasting lineup will showcase three expressions, including an exciting new release, and a special barrel selection showcasing Tanaka’s vision for Japanese whisky excellence. Expressions: Japanese Whisky, Single Grain Whiskey, and the third expression will be a special Single Grain Whiskey From the Barrel.

7:00 PM - Cask Exploration With Glen Moray

Where: Winter Garden/Palace – 6th Floor

Iain Allan | Global Brand Ambassador | Glen Moray | BIO

With a long tradition of experimentation within cask finishing, join us for a trip through “the woods” with some whiskies which have been released and some whiskies still in cask as a work in progress.

7:00 PM - Bourbon Blending With Lux Row Master Distiller John Rempe Featuring The Daviess County Bourbon Family

Where: SoHo/Herald – 7th Floor

John Rempe | Master Distiller | Lux Row Distillers | BIO

The Daviess County Bourbon Blending seminar is a firsthand look at how to blend delicious bourbons into unique and one of a kind creations. Fifty WhiskyFest New York attendees will learn the art of blending bourbons from Lux Row Master Distiller, John Rempe. Each attendee will receive a Daviess County Blending Kit equipped with an informational blending booklet, measuring devices, and three 200mL samples to create your perfection – one 200mL of Daviess County Kentucky Straight Bourbon, one 200mL of Daviess County French Oak Finish and one 200mL of Daviess County Cabernet Sauvignon Finish. Daviess County Bourbon – Never Stop Perfecting.

7:45 PM - Heaven Hill Distillery’s Heritage Collections

Where: Empire/Hudson – 7th Floor

Bernie Lubbers | National Brand Ambassador | Heaven Hill Distillery | BIO

Our new Heaven Hill Heritage Collection comes from a special stock of barrels that have been patiently aging in our rickhouses for many years. We released the first of these extra-aged, premium releases with our Heaven Hill 27 yr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This was followed by the release of a special 85th Anniversary bottling in 2020. The success of these releases inspired us to create an annually released collection that’s complimentary to our existing more experimental counterpart, the Parker’s Heritage Collection. Together, these offerings form the “Heritage Collection.” Releases from both product lines offer a glimpse into the long-term plan across Heaven Hill’s American Whiskey stock and commitment to quality, craft and innovation.

7:45 PM - Widow Jane: Deep Cuts & Rare Sips

Where: Gramercy/Olmstead – 7th Floor

Lisa Wicker | President, Master Distiller and Master Blender | Widow Jane | BIO
Kyle McHugh | Global Director of Advocacy | Samson & Surrey | BIO

Join Widow Jane’s President, Master Distiller, & Master Blender Lisa Wicker, and Global Director of Advocacy Kyle McHugh, as we explore the impossibly complex balance of art and science required to make world-class whiskey blends. We’ve brought some bottles to share that are incredibly hard to find on the shelf (if they’re to be found on shelves at all… yet.) You won’t want to miss this tasty peek into our whiskey Vaults (hint, hint) Pouring: Widow Jane. ‘Nuff said.

7:45 PM - Breaking Down The Whiskymaking Process With John Glaser

Where: Duffy/Columbia – 7th Floor

John Glaser | Whiskymaker | Compass Box | BIO

Join Compass Box founder John Glaser in person for a tasting of some of the most recent Compass Box Limited Edition releases and hear him break down the whiskies to tell the stories behind their creation.Guests will sample Experimental Grain, Canvas, Magic Cask, Menagerie, Flaming Heart 2022 and Ultramarine.

7:45 PM - 2021 & 2022 Releases From The Glenturret, Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery

Where: Chelsea/Gotham – 7th Floor

Ian Renwick | Distillery Manager | The Glenturret | BIO

Join Distillery Manager, Ian Renwick, in nosing and tasting the Glenturret 2021 & 2022 Triple Wood and 10 yr. Peat Smoked single malts. The Glenturret has chosen the unique route of creating a new set of whiskies every year, which challenges the whisky making team but celebrates the unique personality each cask delivers from year to year. Put your senses to the test against the manager of Scotland’s oldest working distillery.

8:30 PM - Intro To Oak Maturation Of Spirits

Where: Astor Ballroom – 7th Floor

Brendan Coyle | Vice President and Master Distiller | High West | BIO

Join Brendan Coyle, Vice President, Master Distiller, as he presents the Intro to Oak Maturation of Spirits. This will cover why oak is a perfect material to make spirits barrels out of, a bit about oak chemistry and its effects on spirit quality, with a tasting of Double Rye, Rendezvous Rye, and A Midwinter Night’s Dram.

8:30 PM - Breaking Tradition Through The Art Of Blending

Where: Music Box/Majestic – 6th Floor

Brian Nation | Master Distiller | Keeper’s Heart | BIO

Join world-renowned Master Distiller Brian Nation, formerly of Jameson, Redbreast, Midleton, and Spot whiskies, for a blending seminar from a true Irish distilling legend. This is your chance to learn more about Brian’s processes and discover all the skill and nuance that goes into crafting the uncharted whiskey category of Irish + American with Keeper’s Heart.

Enjoy an exclusive insight into the blending process with Master Distiller, Brian Nation, as you taste through each of the components that make up the most awarded new whiskey of 2022, Keeper’s Heart, blending your own variation in real-time. Join Brian as you marry smooth Irish grain with rich pot still and bold American rye for a unique blending experience. After all, a great many Americans are a little bit Irish and the better for it, so it stands to reason that American whiskeys could also be improved with a touch of Irish charm (or what we like to call whiskey). We look forward to seeing you there—cheers and Sláinte!

8:30 PM - Dewar’s And The Future Of Scotch

Where: SoHo/Herald – 7th Floor

Gabriel Cardarella | North American Ambassador | John Dewar & Sons, Ltd. | BIO
Ian Buxton | BIO

Join Dewar’s Scotch Whisky and Ian Buxton, the author of 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die, for an exploration into the pioneering process of Double Ageing and the effects of maturation and cask finishing.

8:30 PM - Legent®: Two Legends. One Bourbon.

Where: Winter Garden/Palace – 6th Floor

Beth Burrows| American Whiskey Ambassador | James B. Beam Distilling Co. | BIO

The Founding Families of American Bourbon and Japanese Whisky come together to celebrate their mastery of craft, giving birth to an elevated bourbon refined with Japanese detail.

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