WhiskyFest Chicago

May 12, 2023 | Hyatt Regency Chicago

2022 Master Classes (2023 Program Coming Soon)

While we don't have specific details yet for this year's event, we can provide you with some information on what was featured in previous years.
Here's a look at the seminar schedule from last year's event.

7:00 PM - Discovery Deconstructed

Where: Grand Hall MN

Dan Callaway | VP of Product Development | Bardstown Bourbon Co.

A complete tasting of the individual whiskeys of Bardstown Bourbon Company’s Discovery Series #7 and an immersive look at the creation process.

7:00 PM - Few Spirits: Sweet Home Chicago

Where: Grand Hall GH

Paul Hletko| Founder & Master Distiller | FEW Spirits
Kyle McHugh| Founder & Master Distiller | FEW Spirits | BIO

In 2011, Paul Hletko started what was, at that time, the third legal working distillery in Illinois since the repeal of Prohibition. Making spirits 100% grain-to-glass was something “few” others were doing at the time. Eleven years later, FEW is in 50 states, over 35 countries, and bringing its unique “Chicago style” of whiskey to the world. Join Paul and Chicago’s own Kyle McHugh for stories, dad jokes, and a lot of laughs as we walk through eight offerings from Chicagoland’s home for whiskey innovation that is rooted in our amazing city’s long tradition of making some of the finest spirits in the world.

7:45 PM - Heaven Hill Distillery’s Heritage Collections

Where: Grand Hall I

Conor O'Driscoll | Master Distiller | Heaven Hill

Our new Heaven Hill Heritage Collection comes from a special stock of barrels that have been patiently aging in our rickhouses for many years. We released the first of these extra-aged, premium releases with our Heaven Hill 27-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This was followed by the release of a special 85th Anniversary bottling in 2020. The success of these releases inspired us to create an annually released collection that’s complimentary to our existing more experimental counterpart, the Parker’s Heritage Collection. Together, these offerings form the “Heritage Collection.” Releases from both product lines offer a glimpse into the long-term plan across Heaven Hill’s American Whiskey stock and commitment to quality, craft and innovation.

7:45 PM - Dr. Lumsden and Mr. Hyde

Where: Grand Hall L

Cameron George | National Brand Ambassador | Ardbeg
Dan Crowell | National Brand Ambassador | Glenmorangie

Join Ardbeg National Brand Ambassador Cameron George and Glenmorangie National Brand Ambassador Dan Crowell as we explore the very different characters of two alternate whisky realities, both from the mind of Dr. Bill Lumsden.

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