Stranahan's Unveils the 2022 Release of Snowflake

Whiskey lovers lined up at Stranahan's Distillery in Denver over the weekend, hoping to procure a bottle of the latest Snowflake release.

Stranahan's Unveils the 2022 Release of Snowflake

November 28, 2022 –––––– David Fleming, , , ,

Colorado distiller Stranahan's today released the 25th edition of Snowflake, its ultra-limited annual winter whiskey. It’s called Batch #25: Humboldt Peak, in keeping with the Stranahan’s tradition of naming each Snowflake release after a “14er”, or a Colorado mountain over 14,000 feet high.

As always, this year’s iteration is aged between five and ten years in new white American oak barrels with a #3 char, and then finished in a variety of wine, sherry, and rum barrels. This year’s finishing choices included cabernet sauvignon, oloroso sherry, and Barbados rum casks.

For the first time in three years, the festivities surrounding the release—an event known as the Snowflake Festival—were held at the distillery in Denver. The proceedings began at 9 a.m. on Friday, December 2, when Stranahan’s fans, who come from far and wide, were checked in and began camping outside the distillery. For true early birds, a limited number of camping spots were available in an annex parking lot across from the distillery starting Thursday at 9 a.m. The event always draws whiskey lovers from around the country.

The festivities outside the distillery featured cooper demonstrations, live music, food trucks, and whisky-and-food pairings. Like other Snowflake releases, Humboldt Peak is available today only at the distillery on a first come-first served basis, priced at $120. Last year featured two Snowflake releases—Sunshine Peak and Mount Eolus—also priced at $120 each. Some 1,500 bottles of each were made available.

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