Make Clear Ice With These Molds

Photo by Jeff Harris

Make Clear Ice With These Molds

March 2, 2023 –––––– Whisky Advocate, , , ,

Most home ice cubes are cloudy, and cloudiness is a sign of impurities and air that are trapped inside the cube. The clear ice molds displayed here are designed to eliminate those impurities and air, which also improve the taste and allows the ice to melt more slowly. And it’s generally agreed that clear ice also looks way cooler. So elevate your home ice experience.

300_dexas_ice_mold.jpgDexas Ice•ology $54

Food-grade silicone molds allow for easy removal of the ice. The layered tray system removes impurities and controls freezing.

300_300_homebuddy.jpgHomebuddy Ice Ball Maker $35

Create two 2.35-inch slow-melting ice spheres with this silicone mold system. Hand wash.

300_True_Cubes_tray_2.jpgTrue Cubes Tray $50

A silicone tray system removes impurities from tap water, creating easy to remove crystal-clear 2-inch ice cubes.

300_wintersmiths_mold.pngWintersmiths Phantom $140

Choose from large or small spheres, large or small cubes, or Collins spears to create clear and dense ice. Dishwasher safe.

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