Not Just for St. Patrick’s Day, Mix These Irish Whiskey Cocktails Now

Any day is a good day to drink some Irish whiskey, but Saint Patrick’s Day calls for upping the ante. If you’ve outgrown green beer and tastelessly named shots, why not try your hand at an Irish whiskey cocktail? Check out these six recipes from top bartenders which incorporate a number of Irish whiskey styles, from a traditional blend to single malts.

An Age-Old Classic: The Tipperary

Fizzy and Long: St. Kevin Sling

Fruit Flavors with a Twist: Spring Dew

Treasonous: The King is Dead

Creamy and Rich: Irish Slang

The Border-Crosser: India to Ireland

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Louisville Slugger

Like its namesake, this large-format cocktail packs a punch, with bourbon, brandy, and liqueur all incorporated.

Pollinated Punch

Designed to serve a crowd, this whisky cocktail can be made with bourbon, rye, or scotch.